Self-installing radiant foil kit


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Important: we recommend adding the 6 mm Cecather insulation in extruded polystyrene for maximum thermal comfort.

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We remind you of the advantages of radiant foil for your house:

  • Maximum thermal comfort.
  • Rational consumption.
  • Full use of the useful area of the house.
  • Extra flat: less than 1mm thick
  • No visual impact.
  • Healthy heating system, by radiation at low temperature.
  • Maintenance free for life.
  • Simple and fast assembly.
  • Maximum quality in system components.
  • Ecological: does not emit waste.
  • Guarantee and total reliability.

Grupo Cecather will not be responsible for the consequences derived from incorrect handling, connection or installation of the radiant foil by the client other than that indicated by Grupo Cecather

Additional information

Square meters to heat

6m2 (445W), 10m2 (891W), 15m2 (1,336W), 20m2 (1,782W)