Anti-fog film for mirrors


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Cecather® mirror antifog film transforms electrical energy into thermal energy, which is transmitted directly to the mirror, heating its surface. The mirror is heated to a comfortable temperature at a low power, effectively preventing the mirror surface from condensing steam in the bathroom.

  • Sheet thickness: The thickness of the mirror defog is only 0.4 mm, this thickness guarantees the effective transfer of energy.
  • Energy saving: The temperature is constant after the product is powered, effectively saving electricity.
  • Security: the materials are of a sustainable quality, guaranteeing high insulation, without electricity in humid conditions.
  • Several options: the heating area of the demister is made in two different rectangular sizes. A comfortable and beautiful atmosphere is created.
  • Easy to install: The demister incorporates a self-adhesive backing, easy to install on the mirror and works effectively.
  • IP54 protection: protection against dust and water.

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40x60cm (40.3W), 45x32cm, 45x64cm, 45x96cm